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The Western Society of Periodontology
Team Session

Soft Tissue Graft Failure Can Be Prevented
Farshid Ariz, DMD

Course Description: Soft tissue grafts failure may not necessarily be related to operator or the use of different techniques. We will review the other cause of graft failures like sleep related Bruxism which is also related to the development of TMD and oral facial pain.

Learning Objectives:

  • What causes the initiation of the graft failures.
  • How to Identify the markers for the graft failures.
  • Preventing the relapse of completed graft procedures

Esthetics & Implant Prosthetics: Avoiding Failures and Complications Baldwin W. Marchack, DDS, MBA

Course overview: Patients today are increasingly aware of dental implants, and their expectations are for esthetically and functionally pleasing implant restorations that mimic natural teeth. This presentation will focus on principles and guidelines for restoring anterior implants to achieve optimum esthetics utilizing functional and practical implant solutions. The presentation will be of interest to both the experienced and the novice practitioner as it will result in effortless decision making and will enable the restorative dentist to not only collaborate better with the implant surgeon but to direct the laboratory technician in the design of each implant situation with confidence.

Learning objectives:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment planning for implants
  2. Criteria for screw retained vs cement retained restorations
  3. Know what are the ideal abutment contours for restorations to maintain and support soft tissue
  4. Consistently create ideal, esthetic and functional implant restorations with healthy gingival tissue

Improve Your Quality of Hygiene Care
Jodi Deming, RDH

Course Description: Learn how to do what you have thought was impossible. Gain time in your hygiene appointment without compromising but even improving your quality of care.

  • Utilization of air polishing and piezoelectric scaling equipment
  • Application of supra and subgingival air polishing techniques
  • Characteristics and application for various air polishing powders
  • Implementation of air polishing therapy into your treatment protocol Participants will have a sense of assurance and confidence in their approach to subgingival biofilm control being effective, efficient and safe.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand biofilm and it’s management.
  • Understanding the new disease model.
  • Polymicrobial Symbiotic and Dysbiosis- Beyond the red complex.

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