Study: Heavy Alcohol Consumption Linked to Gum Disease

If you’re a moderate-to-heavy drinker — listen up! A study shows drinking more than the recommended daily limit of alcohol may put you at greater risk for gum disease. Good vs Bad Bacteria The reason, say scientists, is that people you drink more have fewer “good” bacteria in their mouths, and more “bad” bacteria which… Read more »

Great Team Education – Invite a referring GP

Happy Holidays from the WSP!! Sign up for this course by 12/31 and get $100 off the WSP Annual Session, March 28-31, 2019 Palm Desert, CA View Annual Session brochure View Brochure The Western Society of Periodontology Team Session Soft Tissue Graft Failure Can Be Prevented Farshid Ariz, DMD Course Description: Soft tissue grafts failure… Read more »

Skipping a Dentist Visit in 2019 Will Cost You

How’s your mouth feeling right now? Does something ache, or seem different? If so, it would make sense to schedule a dental visit in the new year. Unfortunately, though, picking up the phone and booking an appointment is not easy for some people. And while this is common, it costs people dearly in the long… Read more »

Why Your Gums Deserve a Closer Look

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably pay extra special attention to how your teeth look, but never think about your gums.  Unfortunately though, neglecting that part of your mouth can lead to big problems, like receding gums — and that can affect your overall health. This is why we examine gums at every… Read more »

An Embarrassing Smile Shouldn’t Keep You From Seeing a Dentist

It’s common for some people to develop dental fears and anxiety from traumatic events, but more often than not now people are skipping their dentist appointments over fear of potential judgement and shame because of the state of their teeth. To put it simply: People just don’t want to see a dentist when they’re ashamed… Read more »

Diamonds Shine Bright in UCLA Root Canal Study

Diamonds may shine be sparkly and bright, but have you considered putting that bling in your mouth? UCLA scientists have — and they have come up with something. Safer and Stronger Root Canals A report by the American Chemistry Social journal Nano demonstrates that nanodiamonds — which are literally diamond chips — have the capacity… Read more »

Are Dental Implants Better Than Real Teeth?

Is it possible that dental implants are actually better than our natural teeth? Though surprising, in many ways the answer is yes. Generally speaking, we always want to save natural teeth that have become damaged. There are circumstances, however, when removing the infected tooth and replacing it with an implant may be the better option…. Read more »

Dental Implants: The #1 Best Way Replace Missing Teeth

Did you know that 70% of people in the U.S. have at least one missing tooth? If you are one of those people, and are over the age of 44, then you need a dental implant to replace the tooth (or teeth) you’ve lost. Postponing treatment by not getting a tooth extraction on time, or… Read more »

Study Finds Orthodontists Cannot Adequately Diagnose Young Mouth Breathers

Were you born a mouth breather, or did you develop mouth breathing as a result of having untreated sleep apnea? Some people always have been and always will be mouth breathers due to their anatomical make up. Some of us lack muscle tone causing the jaw to drop. Others have chronic nasal congestion from allergies… Read more »

Walking Around Gum Disease? Who Isn’t — But Here’s When It Becomes a Problem…

While most of us will experience gum disease at some point in our lives, credible estimates of the number of adults with the condition run from 75-90%. The good news is that gum disease is preventable, treatable, and if caught early enough, reversible! The bad news: If it’s not caught early, gum disease can become… Read more »