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What do you know about oral thrush? This is a condition in which white lesions accumulate along the inside of your cheeks and tongue, sometimes even spreading other areas of the mouth. This is due to a fungus called candida. You may also have inflammation that may hinder comfortable eating experiences. If the lesions are irritated, they may bleed slightly You may also have a loss of taste or a cottony feeling in your mouth. In severe cases, the lesions may spread down the lining of your throat to your stomach, causing difficulty swallowing and pain in the throat.

If you see white lesions in your mouth, please contact your family doctor immediately. Your doctor will likely prescribe an antifungal medication to eliminate the candida.

To prevent oral thrush from happening in the first place, evaluate the risk factors and strengthen where you are most vulnerable.

The contraction and severity of oral thrush is about the health of your immune system. It is most common in babies and elderly adults, whose immune system tends to be weaker. It is also a risk for those with AIDS or HIV, diabetes, vaginal yeast infections, people with dentures, or those who take specific medications.

If you take medications that may put you at risk, rinse your mouth after doing so to wash away any potential bacteria. Brush twice a day and floss once. If you have dentures, make sure to clean them often. Sugar helps candida grow, so monitor your sugar intake, especially if you have diabetes. Treat yeast infections and dry mouth quickly.

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