One of the many ways we help to clean your mouth if you have gum disease is through pocket irrigation. Our periodontist will clear out the periodontal pockets with a high-pressure liquid stream in order to fight the inflammatory infection of gum disease. Contact our friendly team at Farshid Ariz D.M.D. today if you would like to learn more about pocket irrigation in West Los Angeles, California.

If you have gum disease, then your gum tissue may start to pull away from your teeth, creating spaces called periodontal pockets. These gaps worsen your infection because food can easily become trapped in them as well as plaque and tartar. We will provide treatments to clean out these pockets, and some of these treatments may include scaling and root planing as well as pocket irrigation.

Also called oral irrigation, pocket irrigation flushes out food and other substances from the periodontal pockets using a high-pressure water stream. Pocket irrigation can be performed in our office or at home, and it is more effective when done with brushing, flossing, and our recommended gum disease treatments. Pocket irrigation can even deliver antibacterial medication directly to your gum tissue, fighting periodontal disease and cleaning your mouth. Call us today if you want to learn more about the benefits of pocket irrigation and to schedule your personalized visit with Dr. Farshid Ariz.