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Upholding healthy and strong gums is a significant part of your oral health. This is because gums act as a stabilizer for your teeth. If they’re damaged, your teeth will be too. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to care for your gums. To help you out, we’ve created this basic guide to gum care.

To achieve your goal, it’s helpful to visualize exactly what that is. So what do healthy gums look like? They are typically coral pink and maybe slightly darker, depending on your genetics. They should not be swollen or inflamed or sensitive to the touch. They should curve around every tooth snugly.

What is the at-home litmus test for healthy gums? Flossing. That’s right. When gums are unhealthy, flossing can hurt, swell, and cause bleeding. To treat infected gums, simply make an appointment with Farshid Ariz D.M.D. by calling 310-826-3399. Dr. Farshid Ariz can diagnose the exact problem and offer the right solution.

Want to treat the problem before it begins? That’s a smart idea. Here are some tips:

Brush Your Gums: When brushing your teeth, remember to clean your gums as well. Using a 45-degree angle is the most effective way to clean the crevices between your teeth and gums. You can also scrub the upper and lower gums. Toothbrushes with soft and thin bristles will give you the best cleaning under the gumline.

Floss regularly and effectively: When brushing your teeth, it is important to floss between every single tooth. Make sure to wrap your floss around your tooth to get the full effect.

Schedule a dental appointment: Biannual check-ups are vital for your gum health. Make sure to come into our West Los Angeles, California, office so the dentist can clean and inspect your gums. Just call us at 310-826-3399.